Senior Master Technicians

Master Service Technicians

Ford recently recognized 3 of our Master Technicians as Senior Master Technicians:

  • Chris Baliant
  • Dan Pacek
  • Frank Pacek

Photo, from left to right: Chris Baliant, Dan Pacek, Frank Pacek, and Randy Dorco, Montrose Auto Group's Director of Fixed Operations.

Chris Balint

Chris Baliant has achieved his Senior Master Technician status over the past 5 years and has been a technician since 2004. His entire career after high school has been with Montrose Ford.

Dan Pacek

Dan Pacek has been a Senior Master Technician for 22 of his 30-year technician career. He started in 1992 and has garnered his Senior Master Technician status every year thereafter. Also, he is certified in electrical vehicles.

Frank Pacek

Frank Pacek started his technician career in 1985 and became a Senior Master Technician 14 years ago. He maintains his Senior Master Technician title year over year. Frank is certified in EV vehicles.

Senior Master Technician designation is reserved for technicians who have gone to the greatest length of the Ford Training Curriculum. All 3 technicians are very excited about their awards. They receive a plaque, a gold coin, and a recognition letter. Since the inception of this title designation in 1999, only a small percentage of technicians have achieved this level of accomplishment. Senior Master Technicians must renew their certification every year.

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