The ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang is built on top of the Mustang EcoBoost platform, which itself represented a brave new direction for the Mustang. The light-weight and efficient engine produces an impressive 310 hp 320 lb-ft out of the box. All this while allowing for an amazingly well balanced weight distribution front-to-rear, which means to more nimble handling. With the core and optional ROUSH body and chassis components, the vehicle is transformed into a true performance vehicle that blends the line between a race car and a road car. The ROUSH body components add true race-inspired styling, while the ROUSH wheels and tires add the grip that will curve corners like never before. 


Lower Base Package Price

For the 2017 model year, the base price of the ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang package is $6,000, down from the 2016 base price of $8,000. Also new to this model year, the RS1 can now be built on the 100A package -- a savings of nearly $5,000 in the base vehicle cost. 





At ROUSH Performance, it's not enough to deliver heart-pounding performance, unparalleled refinement, and race inspired styling. We take a step further and back-up the 2017 ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang with an industry-leading 3-year, 36,000 mile limited warranty to show you that we are with you on this ride.

Our vehicles are rigorously engineered and tested to prevent issues down the road, but should they occur, you can rest assured in knowing that we're here to help.



ROUSH has gone to great lengths to enhance the appearance and functionality of the ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang to provide true race inspired body, graphics, wheels, and grille work.

ROUSH exterior upgrades are precision engineered with CAD/CAM design and manufactured with the same processes that the big automotive manufacturers use for OE-quality appearance, longevity, and fit.




“Between a road car and a race car is a ROUSH car...” — Jack Roush